jueves, 11 de octubre de 2018



  • Learn about the 5 senses.
  • Talk about the sense organs.
  • Comprehen diferent actions related to the sense organs.

馃憖Vocabulary: eyes, nose, ears, hand, mouth, see, smell, hear, touch and taste.



Senses senses, senses,
with my ears I can hear,
with my mouth I can taste,
with my hands I can touch,
with my nose I can smell.
Senses, senses, senses.


馃憛 Activities

  • "The mystery box": 
    • First, pupils see the objects which will be inside the box.
    • Then, by turns, each child with the eyes closed, take one thing from the box and uses his or her senses to guess what it is.
    • Finally, they classify the object according the organ used.
  • Sight: Memory game. We show several objects. Then, pupils close their eyes and we take one away. They have to guess which one has been removed.
馃憙 Games


domingo, 23 de septiembre de 2018


Autumn is here!


  • Learn about the seasons.
  • Identify autumn vocabulary.
  • Taking about the seasons

馃尠Vocabulary: leaf/leaves, autumn, tree, fall down.



馃崅 Autumn leaves are falling down, 馃崈
 馃崈Autumn leaves are falling down,馃崅
馃崅 From the tree to the ground, 馃崈
 馃崈 From the tree to the ground, 馃崅

馃崅 Red, orange, yellow 馃崈
 馃崈and brown.馃崅



馃尠 Worksheets


  • Flashcards: http://www.teachchildrenesl.com/flashcards/autumn/

jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2018


Welcome back children!

This year I teach y little children again! 馃槉

We start with a basic topic at school: CLASSROOM OBJECTS. 

馃摂 Vocabulary

馃摂 Songs

  • Chants

馃摂 Story

馃摂 Games

馃摂 Activities

  • What's in my bag? Children introduce their hands in the bag and say the object they catch using the estructure: " I've got a..."
  • Races: Pupils look for the object they are told.

馃摂 Classroom rules!

A good atmosphere in class is essencial. Here, you have a song to help our children to review the classroom rules and procedures.

martes, 19 de junio de 2018


Here you have several cover pages to make a nice notebook with the worksheets our pupils have done during the year. Enjoy your holidays!

By Doodle Art Alley

By Studentshandouts

By Doodle Art Alley

By Glitter Teacher

domingo, 20 de mayo de 2018


馃應 Vocabulary

馃應 Songs

馃應 Stories: Goldilocks and the three bears.

馃惢 Activities
  • Worksheets: Big-medium-small.
  • Porridge recipe
    • Ingredients:
      • 1 cup of oats
      • 1 cup of milk
      • 1 cup of water
      • 1 dessert spoon of sugar
      • A pinch of salt
    • Procedure:
      • Add oats to a pan.
      • Add milk.
      • Add water.
      • Add sugar.
      • Stir until thick and creamy.莽
      • Enjoy!
  • Puppets

Other stories...

By Oxford

馃應 Activities

  • Family fingers: We can use finger puppets to play and sing the family song.
  • Make your family tree
  • Tongue twister: First, repeat it slowly and then, say it faster little by little!

馃應 Games

mi茅rcoles, 2 de mayo de 2018


Con la llegada de la primavera, comenzamos el tema de las plantas y la siembra. 




馃尡Science: From seed to plant.


Gracias al blog de la maestra Laura hemos comenzado un experimento nuevo... ¡Hemos plantado una semilla! Pero no es una semilla normal, es de cartulina... 
Todos los d铆as los helpers regar谩n la maceta de clase y poco a poco iremos descubriendo las diferentes etapas del crecimiento de las plantas. 
¡Un buen comienzo antes de que plantemos nuestra semilla real!

We have planted a special seed... Everyday our helpers will water this plant and little by little, we will learn how the seed grows. 

A week later...